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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ice cream shop!

Outdoor ice cream shop!
I have always been a big fan of the dramatic play area in the classroom. I believe it is a safe place for children to be creative and explore various roles while experimenting with conflict resolution and problem solving skills. It is a place where children can be anything they want, there is no right or wrong and it can be an outlet for emotional tension...
and besides all that we had so much fun!

We used recycled cups and containers to hold the "ice cream" and some plastic shovels (that I picked up at Building 19 for 20 cents each) to scoop!
Since we had such an ambundance of snow on the playground we decided to bring our dramatic play fun outdoors. The children took turns pretending to be shop workers and customers. We had plenty of snow to be our ice cream and the children had a ball scooping it up.They used great language, cognitive skills and manners when asking the customers what flavor they would like, what size, how many scoops and then to remind them to have a nice day.
Such a fun activity that was full of pre-k learning objectives!

Click here to see how we incorporated winter dramatic play inside the classroom too!

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