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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

We conducted our own green eggs and ham taste test and graphed the results. In past years, I have simply scrambled up the eggs but I saw these green hard boiled eggs on pinterest and just had to try it! It combined the egg yolks with an avocado, salt, pepper and just a little bit of mayo. A healthier but still very yummy option and they just look so cute! I encouraged the children to try them and we discussed the importance of trying new things and not judging foods by their appearance.
I then asked the children to describe what the egg felt or tasted like in one word.
 We then made marble painted eggs and wrote about various places where we would or would not eat them.
We played a green eggs matching game using capital and lower case letters.
 We set up our own Green Eggs and Ham café in our dramatic play area and I even made some felt food to go along.

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  1. Very cute ideas!! Some different things I haven't seen yet. We are going to try the marble painted eggs! Cute. I've never done that with my class