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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wooden Alphabet

Wooden alphabet pieces!
I recruited my fiancé to help me with this project because I do not trust myself with power tools at all! LoL Thank goodness he's such a great sport!
So we went out to our backyard to rescue a branch that had fallen in the last snow storm. He then cut it into 26 wooden discs, one for each letter.
If you don't want to cut your own or don't have access to the tools to do so you can buy them already pre cut here for a great price. Granite Woods
I convinced my fiancé to open up this shop when I originally wanted to purchase the wood and he said, "no way, I can do it!" That sounded fabulous to me!
Once the discs were cut I dusted them off and just sanded them very gently, they didn't need much. 
Then I painted one side with 
chalkboard paint, and ta da!!!
Such a fun way to bring literacy and nature together!
Want to purchase your own set click here.

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