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Friday, March 30, 2012


Jump into your space suit. 
Don't forget your hat.
Climb aboard the rocket ship on the launching pad.
Buckle up for safety.
Count down from 10 to 1, were going to the moon and it's going to be fun. 
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!!"
This is just one of our poems that we act out during our space unit but, it's always a favorite!

Like most of our new lessons we start off by asking what do we know about space?

The Planet Song!
 (Sung to the tune of the Farmer in the Dell)

"The Sun's a hot star. Mercury's hot too. Venus is the brightest one. Earth's home to me and you. Mars is the red one. Jupiter is most wide. Saturn's got those icy rings. Uranus spins on its side. Neptune's really windy. Pluto's really small. Well we wanted to name the planets and now we've named them all."

We then discuss how Pluto is a bit controversial and is no longer considered a planet.
 I still keep it in the song but we discuss how Science is always evolving and changing and now Pluto is not considered a planet but it used to be before we had more research. Then I go into how important it is to research and learn to find out more information and how it's ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. : )

The children are asked to sequence the planets and are encouraged to use the song in the pocket chart to help them if they get stuck. I then have them take the facts from our song and turn it into a mini book to bring home.
We wrote our own Planet stories! 
Some of the planets were invented others just picked a favorite planet to write about. 

Astronaut vs. Rocket ship tic tac toe!

Van Gogh Artistic Impressions!
Starry Night

Countdown spaceship tubes!!!

Star stamped collages!

Click here to see my star constellation ideas.

 Moon sand sensory play!
DIY Moon Sand = Mix together 4 cups of sand, 2 cups of cornflour and 1 cup water.

We attached various planet, astronaut and spaceship pictures to the blocks for the children to be inspired when building in the block area.

Moon Rock throw!
The children are asked to throw the moon rocks (aluminum foil balls) into the can. Great hand eye coordination fun!

Dramatic play space station!!!

Egg Carton Moon Shoes!

We built our own Control Board Simulator!

The children can stand up inside the space ship!
 Two boxes taped together with a bucket on top for looking out of the ship.

Moon rock investigation station!

Paper Bag Helmets!


  1. I really like your "moon rock investigation station." :) But how did you create the arm tubes? The materials, keeping them in place...Could you tell me please? I would love to do this, this week. Thank you!

    1. Hi there and thank you so much! I went to home depot and bought dryer vents (that's what the arms are made out of) and simply taped them in place with duct tape. So simple right! Happy space exploring! : )

  2. These are amazing ideas!!! Thank you so much for sharing.