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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Using marshmallows and toothpicks!
We first discussed that a constellation is a picture in the sky made up of stars. We then looked at pictures of some of the famous constellations such as the Big Dipper and Orion.
I then explained how for our activity the marshmallows are going to be used to represent the stars and the toothpicks are the connectors which make the stars into a picture.
Before we began this activity we first went over the importance of washing our hands before we handle any type of food!
So we went to wash and we sang our hand washing song! (To the tune of Camptown Races) Germs on hands can make you sick. Germs are ick, germs are ick. Soap and water fixes it, I am washing.

The children then got to work building their constellations. It was great fine motor practice and of course any time children get to play with their food is always lots of fun! : )

Each constellation came out very unique!

We then made constellations using pastels and star stickers for a follow up art experience.

We also made some constellations using rocks and side walk chalk.