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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Dramatic play!

Dramatic play is one of my favorite areas of the classroom especially since it changes with the seasons and with our classroom themes. Right now it is set up for winter! We have snow pants, boots, coats, and mittens so children can practice their self help skills. 

We also have snowballs (cotton balls) for having a fun and safe snowball fight.

Then we have something that I am very excited about and has been an absolute hit in the classroom! 
Ice Fishing!!!

First we covered a large box with white paper and painted it with a mixture of flour, salt, water, white paint and glue for a real snowy texture. 

Next we added some blue paper and some clear cellophane to the inside of the box to give a more realistic water affect. 

Lastly, I made some fish and a fishing pole! 
The fish I made from felt and added magnets inside near their mouths! The fishing pole is simply a stick we found on the playground with some yarn and a magnet wrapped up in some fabric as a lure. So cute!

The children love spending time in this area and it's certainly a challenge for them to use their hand eye coordination to catch the fish!

I was so happy to see the children take the fish they caught and bring them over to the kitchen area where they pretended to prepare them for the oven! All without any prompting from myself! So great to see them think things through about why we go fishing in the first place! I have a wooden sushi set that I will add into the kitchen area tomorrow so the children can really prepare some fabulous dishes using fish and bring in some multicultural discussions as well.  

Happy Learning! : )
Click here to see how we brought our winter dramatic play outside too!

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