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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Winter can be such an amazing season for learning! 

 Here are a few of the activities we are trying this week. 

One of our first science lessons was about how a liquid becomes a solid. I started off by showing the children three different cups of water. I then added food coloring and a popsicle stick to each cup of water. The children then had to make their predictions about what would happen if we were to put it into the freezer overnight.

Once frozen, I showed the children what had happened. We discussed if their predictions were accurate or not and discussed why the water was now a solid block of ice. 

We then discussed what would happen if we left the ice out. The children chimed that it would melt and the colors would come out! What smart children! I made sure to tell them how right they were and that we were going to paint some snowflakes with our ice! We used coffee filters as they can hold a lot of liquid without tearing.


So many fun winter songs and poems! 
My favorite is the winter pokey!
Same as the original only with you putting in your mittens, boots, hat, jacket and snowsuit!

Letter of the week!
S is for Snow!!!

Capital vs lower case Ss game. 
Roll the dice to see which Ss will reach the top first!
 Usually I put our igloo in the dramatic play area for icy adventures but this year I decided to put it into the library center to make this area more of a hot spot for the children to want to read and use the puppets!
It has worked wonders! Everyone wants to have a turn to read a book in the igloo! Yay!!! : )


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