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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter of the Week!

In my classroom, like many others we have a letter of the week that we focus on! 

 Here is our system!

I introduce our letter of the week with a mystery box! I put all sorts of items in the box that start with our letter of the week. I then write down the items on a chart after the child who takes the item out identifies it! I always try to put enough items in for each child to have a turn! 

We leave this box in our science center throughout the week with a list of all the items on the inside for the children to explore and practice writing if they choose. 

After this initial introduction we have a brainstorming session about what other words begin with that letter and we practice making the sound of the letter. 

I then hang up the list near our circle area so that it is at the children's eye level. 

We then will decorate the letter of the week, it is usually based on our theme in this case we used feathers for letter F. 

We then play a dice game to look at both capital F and lower case f. 

The children roll a die with F's and f's and must fill in the squares to see which one will reach the top first!

We also will have the children circle all the F's or whatever the letter of the week is in our month poem and complete a mini book about the letter.

Different themes have different activities that we will incorporate into our letter of the week! The more exposure to the letter the better! : )

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