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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Three Little Pigs

What are homes made out of?

After acting out the story of the, Three Little Pigs with stick puppets we had the children make their own houses using the three materials that the pigs used straw, sticks and "bricks". 

We left it up to each child to decided if they wanted to use one, two or all three of the different materials. 

The children did a great job! 

The next day we read a story called, Three Pigs and A Wolf which tells the same story but from the wolf's perspective. 

We made a Venn Diagram to compare the two stories.

We also discussed the properties of air and how air can sometimes be used to move things, just like the big bad wolf used his air to blow down the first two houses in the story.

We used our air to make paint blown houses.

First we used eye droppers to drip some of the food coloring onto the paper then we used a straw to move the liquid all around the paper.

We huffed and we puffed just like the big bad wolf!

They came out great and taught the children a fabulous science lesson at the same time.

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