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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

P is for Pets!

P is for Pets!!!

We used pet stamps to decorate our letter of the week and we discussed what we know about pets.

We set up a pet shop / veterinarians office in our dramatic play area!

The children had so much fun caring for the animals, taking the pets for walks and interacting with one another while using new vocabularly. 

We patterned pets with sponge paints.


We each picked a mystery number out of a cup to write and used stamps to represent the number.

We used clothespins to count the pets, great for math skills and fine motor skills. 

Since our theme of the week was pets, we thought it only natural to focus on the letter p.

We made capital and lower case p's out of play-doh. 

Thank you Bella for bringing in the pine cones! 

The children had so much fun sorting and exploring these perfect pine cones!  

I always like to bring in music whenever I can so we also talked about another p word, pianos!

We did not have access to a real piano so the children were able to play and have some fun with a keyboard that I picked up from a yard sale for $ 5.00!!!

For more of our pet theme ideas see what we worked on for each individual pet! : )

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