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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dinosaur Math and Science Ideas

Dinosaur number matching folder game.

Science experiment to grow a dinosaur! Let's use our inquiry skills to make some predictions!

Shoe and Shape Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur counting and graphing! 

Dinosaur Patterns!

We made our own volcano as a class and made it erupt using baking powder and vinegar! Some people choose to use baking soda but either will work. Each child also got to make a model volcano to bring home out of a paper plate. 

To follow this up I plan on trying out this idea from preschoolalphabet.blogspot.com where they simply put some baking soda onto a tray and have the children use eyedroppers to release vinegar with food coloring to make mini volcanoes! What a great way to let the children try out the meaning of chemical reactions on their own! 

We painted Volcanoes at the easel.
One of our questions of the day, 
What is a fossil?
I like to see what the children's misconceptions are so that they can be addressed and they can find out the true facts in this case to what a fossil truly is.
We followed up this discussion by making our own fossils! 

Click here for my dinosaur track ideas.

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