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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dinosaur Eggs!

One of my favorite things I like to do during this theme is to make paper mache dinosaur eggs! This project usually takes a few days and the children really get excited about it!

Paper Mache How to: The base for paper mache is a flour and water mixture. You then have the children take strips of newspaper, dip it into the mixture and then apply it to an inflated balloon. You do this until the entire balloon is covered.

 I then let them dry overnight so that the next day the students could paint them.

After the eggs are all made and painted we put them into our dinosaur nesting ground in the dramatic play area.

From there the children are responsible for taking care of their eggs until they hatch! The children must make predictions about what kind of dinosaur might be inside, whether it will be a male or female, and what color it will be. They also must weigh their egg, find the circumference and measure its length using non standard units.

When it is time for our dinosaur unit to come to an end we have a hatching party and compare the results to our predictions.

(I purchased the dinosaurs at the dollar store so that it does not break the bank to buy them for the class)

What a great way to wrap up a thematic unit! : )

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