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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Like most of my thematic units I love to introduce the theme with the start of a KWL chart. 

Dinosaur Dig in the sensory table!
I found a dinosaur bone puzzle which the children can actually find the bones and put together to feel like a real paleontologist. 

The children then took turns painting it after putting it all together! 

I made this background for the children (from scrapbook paper, markers, paints and an old calendar which I got on clearance for under $1.00) to use the toy dinosaurs on when having prehistoric adventures!

We did some finger painting and added some dinosaurs that the children traced and cut. 

There are many benefits to finger painting!
*It stimulates the senses and most children love those ooey gooey sensory experiences. 
*It opens descriptive dialogues and can have a stress reducing effect. 
*Finger painting strengthens hand and finger muscles and contributes to fine motor skill development. 
*Finger painting is a medium of self-expression that is open and free.
*It's fun!
Ruth Faison Shaw, rediscovered the art of finger painting in the 1930s and developed paints and techniques for its use with children. Shaw said, “Finger painting aids the imagination and gives a delight in creating things subconsciously, things that one may not even have seen or dreamed of before.”

Dinosaur Words!

We made our own dinosaur feet to wear! 
Made from tissue boxes!

Dinosaur dirt sensory bag fun! 

I simply put some brown paint into a ziplock bag and taped it down to a piece of white paper. The children first explored the bags and were encouraged to make circles and ovals to represent dinosaur eggs in a nesting ground. The children then asked if they could have some toy dinosaurs to watch over the eggs! I made sure to make two so that the children could have some conversations together while exploring these bags without having to worry about having enough space for them both to be creative. They loved it!

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