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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Story Stones

I have seen so many different types of painted stones online for all sorts of educational purposes. I decided that since I most certainly am not a painter but, I really wanted a set for my classroom that I would have to come up with an alternative that even I could make. My solution... modge podge to the rescue! I cut out some interesting pictures that I found in a magazine and simply stuck them on with modge podge then let them dry and ta da!

My own set of story stones!
Here is how I use story stones in the pre-k classroom.

I call the children over one at a time for this activity. I have each child choose six stones from the box. I then encourage each child to tell me a story using the stones as inspiration. Each stone has to be used in the story in some way. This way I am guaranteed more than a one sentence story which can sometimes happen. It's funny, children can tell stories all day long but as soon as you ask them to tell you one and put them on the spot they freeze up. So these stones help to give them topics to come up with and interesting situations for the characters and objects to get into. I write down their stories while they are telling their tale and read them back to them when they are finished. I then ask the children to illustrate their story. After each of the children have finished I have them share their stories with their classmates. 

The children love this activity! Many of them wanted to write story after story which I just love! It was amazing how creative their stories really were. Aside from the children having to use language skills to tell the story and fine motor skills to draw the story. They also are engaging in a great sensory experience while they interact with the stones. I think the next set, I will have to make with seashells or maybe wooden pieces...the possibilities are endless and it's a great way to bring natural materials into the classroom in an engaging way.

Happy story telling to all!

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