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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Seven on Saturday (Rocks)

While I was on vacation my amazingly creative co-teacher spent the week rocking out! ; ) 
This SoS features my co-teacher and good friend Sonia's best rock study activities for preschool! 

1. Sorting rocks by their attributes. Smooth vs. rough. A great way to get those little ones looking at details and using descriptive language.

2. Counting rocks activity. The children were encouraged to show how many small rocks were represented by the numeral on the larger rock.

3. Famous rock formation paintings at the easel. A great way to spark conversations about history and geography.

4. Painting with rocks. A fabulous process art project and sensory experience all in one.

5. Adding rocks into the block building area. Looking for a fine motor and balance challenge for your little ones? You have got to try this out. The children were encouraged to take their time and think creatively to carry out their plans all while improving their hand eye coordination.

6. What do we know about rocks? Where do rocks come from? It is always important to find out what the children already know about a subject and what they might be confused about. This way you can address any misconceptions at the start before they become imprinted in the child's mind for the future. As you can see, the children had lots of interesting ideas about rocks.

7. My personal favorite! Painted rock tic tac toe! The children were invited to use the rocks in a fun and engaging way where they could interact with others and practice some much needed social skills.

Click here to see how we use rocks to tell stories in our classroom.
Happy learning to all! Thanks for reading!

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