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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pirate ships & Mermaids

Yo ho, yo ho...

Each child was encouraged to create their ocean picture at the easel by blending blue, white and green paints. They then were given the option to use a stencil or create their own pirate ship and add details. I love how they all came out so different and creative!

Next, is our egg carton pirate ships complete with sails held up by straws and pipe cleaners.

This year we had individual pirate ships made from laundry baskets and brown fabric in our dramatic play area! We also had pompom cannonballs which we made from thick grey yarn. Our plank was back once again but this time the children had to watch out for the sharks!

Click here to see some of my shark activities.

Paper plate Mermaids!

  First, I had the children color / decorate a paper plate and then cut out a spiral pattern for the tail. Next, they simply attached a stencil of a person which was cut at the waist. Lastly, they were able to embellish the mermaid as desired. I put out markers, sequins, small shells and let the children's creativity run wild.

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