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Monday, July 14, 2014

Model for Conflict Resolution

*Every now and then conflicts arise in the workplace and the early education field is no exception. Here is a model for conflict resolution that I think really covers all the bases of handing any issue that may come up between staff members. I hope you find it as useful as I do. : )

Model for Conflict Resolution
This model for Conflict Resolution was found in:
The Early Childhood Mentoring Curriculum: Handbook for Mentors Bellm, Whitebook & Hnatiuk
1. Acknowledge that the problem or conflict exists.
2. Define the problem. Allow each party to propose a definition, while the other listens without interrupting.
3. Investigate options for solutions.
4. Discuss and examine the pros and cons of each option, either generally or point by point.
5. Prioritize options based on a discussion of agreed upon outcomes.
6. Strive for consensus about a strategy.
7. Select options or strategies to try out.
8. Determine an evaluation period and process for gauging the success of the actions taken.
9. If you are not successful, revisit the options.
10. Select another one and repeat the steps.
11. Try, try again!

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