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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yertle The Turtle

Yertle The Turtle
After reading the story we decided to try some stacking of our own. 
We had each child choose something around the room to try and stack. 

Each child had to first predict how many items they thought they would be able to stack without their tower falling over. Then they had to count their items to see if their prediction was accurate or not.

This year we also made some egg carton turtles! We used these for stacking and also to retell the story.
We discussed how many turtles make a dozen. We then made the connection to an egg carton and each child was able to make a set of egg carton turtles.
They were then able to try their hand at stacking them, one of the children said we needed the rock to stack them on so he set up the blocks in the "pond."  When we were done each child was able to bring their set of turtles home to continue the learning fun.
Thank you to strongstart.BlogSpot where I found this wonderful egg carton turtle idea.


  1. Melanie, I love the expansion of having each child finding something around the room to stack - great idea. I'm pinning it. Thanks for the shout out.