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Sunday, October 27, 2013

STEM and The 3 Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs meets STEM in the classroom!
I decided to put the children's engineering and problem solving skills to the test by having them build houses to help us with a story retell of, The Three Little Pigs.
The children were put into teams and given different building materials to construct the houses.
The first team had drinking straws and tape.
The next team had popsicle sticks and playdoh.
The last team were given large legos.
I then began the story using our puppets to move along the houses. The children all helped to be the wolf and blow down the houses until we came to the last one. The children really loved this project and they did such a great job working together to build the houses!
We also made a yummy 3 Little Pigs snack using potato sticks for the straw, pretzel sticks for the wooden sticks and small cut pieces of a twizzler for the bricks. The children each had to measure out the potato sticks and twizzlers and had to count out 5 pretzel sticks to add to our trail mix. A fun and yummy way to add a little math into our day!
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