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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Patterning at the easel

Creative easel idea!

I found this idea from playfullylearning and just had to try it out with my class!
I attached a sheet of contact paper to the easel, cut out some foam shapes and invited the children to come make some patterns at the easel! For this lesson I decided to focus on four shapes stars, diamonds, hexagons and trapezoids.
They were delighted to pattern the shapes onto the contact paper and I was even more delighted to see them use their fingers in pincer grasp to peel them off the paper and get a real fine motor work out.
This was particularly great for my more active students where to get them to sit down to pattern can sometimes be a chore and amazingly enough they were the first ones to want to come over and try this activity. I just love when that happens! : )
 The next day we added yarn to this area for the children to create various pictures and experiment with the use of lines in artwork.
It was a hit!

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