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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outdoor musicians

Outdoor musicians!
Although I have a music area in my classroom (complete with many instruments) I still think it is so important to provide the students with many rich musical experiences in a variety of settings.
Now, I know what your thinking...that I just wanted to bring the instruments outside so that it is not so loud in the classroom...well sometimes that's certainly true haha but my hope was simply for the students to realize that music can be appreciated anywhere.
So my co workers and I attached a variety of instruments to our school fence with twist ties! We also added a variety of recycled goods which produce great sounds such as gallon milk jugs and various pots and pans. We sometimes bring out rhythm sticks to play these instruments but a plain old stick from the playground or just their own two hands works great too. In fact, we have found that this is a great way for some of our more "handsy" children to get out some aggression in a healthy way.
The children love using the instruments and singing loud and proud on the playground.

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