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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Self Control

Teaching about self control...

through bubbles!

At circle time, I blew the bubbles and as if on cue the children yelled, "bubbles" and tried to pop them. Then I told the children that this time they could not pop the bubbles not even if it landed on them. They did an amazing job and I explained to them that by not popping the bubbles even though they wanted to, that they were using self control. We discussed the importance of this idea and how we must think before we act to keep ourselves and our friends safe. I am hoping to use this lesson as a reference throughout the year to remind children about that time with the bubbles and what it meant and felt like to use self control. : )

Found this idea on peacelovelearning and just had to share!
Click here for a fun way to go over classroom rules.

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