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Monday, September 17, 2012


What children learn through block play...

*Explore cause and effect
*Represent a thought or an idea
*Develop problem solving techniques
*Form creative and critical thinking skills
*Match objects in one to one correspondence
*Use social skills appropriate to group behavior
*Estimate quantities
*Use language to establish and maintain relationships in a social structure
*Demonstrate an understanding of parts and whole
*Use vocabulary to compare same and different objects
*Form data sets, or groups,by sorting and matching objects according to their attributes
*Understand the consequences of social interaction
*Acquire non-loco motor movement skills
*Create, repeat and extend patterns
*Develop eye-hand coordination
*Observe and follow safety rules
*Put things in order using specific criteria
*Understand mapping skills
*Use the physical representations of addition and subtraction
*Develop classification skills
*Differentiate between sizes and shapes
*Understand object relationships and recognition
*Discuss how people help each other
*Express and explore relative size
*Understand gravity, stability, weight and balance
*Think creatively to make and implement plans
*Realize the properties of matter
*Discover the names and functions of buildings
*Develop respect for the work of others
*Make decisions and choices

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