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Monday, August 27, 2012

Value of art to the child

Why is art important for children?
What are the goals of an art project?
1. Art develops critical thinking.
2. Art provides a means of communication and self expression.
3. Art serves as an emotional release.
4. Art strengthens self concept and confidence.
5. Art increases self understanding.
6. Art heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity.
7. Art enhances the ability to visualize.
8. Art provides problem solving and decesion making opportunities.
9. Art develops an appreciation for the individuality of others.
10. Art leads to the integration of the individual.
11. Art serves as a balance to classroom activities.
12. Art aids physical coordination.
13. Art develops work habits and a sense of responsibility.
14. Art aids the adult in understanding and helping the child.
15. Art generates joy!


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