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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Puzzles, games and circle time shelf

Puzzles, games and circle time shelf!

Crystal light containers really are the best storage sollution I have found for many different games. 
In one we have our popsicle stick puzzles and the other holds our mouse ears paint chip memory game! 

I use the Eric Carle animal alphabet flash cards for review and to introduce our letter of the week.

I love to have a variety of puzzles for the children!
I have found many of them which are based on children's stories at Marshalls and TJMaxx for very affordable prices!

Estimation Station!!! 
We conduct a new estimation at circle time about every two weeks with objects that coinside with our curriculum theme. 

The children love using the pointers at circle time and after to count the days on the calendar or point to the words on the poem / song of the day.

I keep a few different types of memory games on the shelf including handmade felt ones which I make myself. 
Right now it is a fabric patterened matching game. 
Many of these are for sale on my etsy page. : )

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