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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Real Dinosaur Sounds!!!


What child doesn't love making roaring dinosaur noises!?

At circle time I explain to the children what an adjective is and that it is a word that describes something.  

I then tell them that I'm going to ask them to roar like a dinosaur but they have to listen for the adjective of how to roar!

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs on the floor. Let me hear your very ______ roar! 
(Loud, happy, sad, angry, sleepy, friendly etc...)

The children LOVED this and after I tried a few they were coming up with their own adjectives to try!
Naturally, loud roars were the favorite! : )

Then I show the children my dinosaur sound can!

It's so easy to make and it really works!!!

First you drill a hole through the top of the can. Then you add a piece of yarn and secure at the top with some clear tape. I then added some scrapbook paper and some dinosaur stickers for more appeal. 

Then all you do is wet your finger tips a little bit of water and then pull on the yarn! 

That's it!!! It makes a very realistic dinosaur sound and the children love it! 

Tip: Don't get the yarn too wet or it wont work and don't pull too hard just simply run your hands down the string as you pull.

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