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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ny Times value of teachers article.

Very interesting...some of these people's comments make me just so sad. Why don't people realize that test scores do not show real educational value! If you believe like I do that each child learns differently and through a variety of different intelligences (logical, musical, kinesthetic, etc...) then why do we believe that a written test is the only way to see how far a student has come in terms of evaluation? Furthermore, it is not just the pay that needs to change to keep quality teachers in the field it is the way teachers are undervalued in general in this country! The real problem is that we as a society do not value teachers enough and children take their ques from adults. When adults and the media bash teachers the children no longer respect them and the trust between educator and student is broken. This is what we need to change, the whole way we look at the educational system and it's teachers! I do believe that I was very fortunate that I had some amazing teachers in my past who inspired me to believe in this field. I do believe in education and I do see it as my career and my calling but it would be nice to work for my passion of teaching but also make a paycheck which reflects the work that I do everyday on and off the clock. I myself struggle everyday with the knowledge that with my education and experience I could make double what I do if I were to leave for a different field then I do in one of the most important roles there is as an educator! We must make a change in this country if we want children to have a love for learning and not just be another test taking lemming who can memorize a few facts and then forget about them ten minutes later when the test is complete. To me, a thirst for knowledge and the drive to ask questions and learn more is far more important than a test score any day of the week! 
 What is your take on or reaction to this article?

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