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Saturday, April 26, 2014


*Every year when we begin our space learning theme I ask the children what they know about space. The answers vary every year but one consistent thing I hear every year is, "aliens come from space."
So here are a few of our alien learning activities...
We made symmetry aliens!
The children selected different color paints and put them in the middle of a piece of paper. The children then folded the paper in half and squished the paper with their hands to spread the paint. The children found that the paint was equally distributed to both sides and we discussed that when something is the same on both sides this is called symmetrical.
When the paint was dry the children were invited to add eyes, wings, arms, antennae, etc... to their alien. They were also asked to come up with a name for their alien and a back story.
Each one came out so different and unique!
We also made UFO's.
Each child was able to design one using either two bowls or two plates taped together. They then added decorations with markers and stickers.
After the children tested them out, I had them predict how many of their own feet they thought their UFO would go. We then went outside as a class to test our results. The children then counted their steps and we were able to compare the results to our first predictions.
This also brought out a great discussion about why some traveled further than others and why they would all fall down in the end.

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