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Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow Catchers

Snow Catchers!

I made these snow catchers out of a thick velvet fabric that I wrapped around and glued onto a large cardboard square.

On a nice snowy day they are perfect for catching snowflakes to study and examine more closely.

Once the students catch some snowflakes I have them look at a chart which shows multiple shapes that a snowflake can take. They then compare their findings to the chart to see the name and what elevation their snowflakes may have fallen from.
 It's a fun, hands on science lesson that the children really enjoy!

Afterwards we made shape snowflakes!
We dipped tangrams into paint and used them like a stamp to make these snowflakes. They came out great and it was a nice way to throw in a quick review of the shapes into our day.

Let it snow!!!

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