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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Library and Literacy Area

Library and Literacy Area!
This year I decided to move our library into our old science area. It is a much larger space and my hope is that the students will be able to relax and feel more comfortable with fewer distractions.
Library Area Equipment
* Books
* Beanbag and pillows to add a soft/comfort element
* Reading buddies (stuffed animals)
* Puppets
* Puppet theatre
* Thinking vs talking bubble puppets
* Felt board (made from a pizza box)
* Felt pieces for story retells
* Alphabet cards and tile pieces
* Environmental print basket
* Alphabet sensory jar
* Calm down kit
* Reading eyes (popsicle stick with a googly eye)
* Reading wands
* Capital / lowercase letter matching game
* Name tags
* Letter of the week box
Children learn best through hands on play and independent investigation! That's why it is so important to keep relevant materials for the children to use in a variety of ways.

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