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Friday, April 5, 2013

Coke & Mentos experiment.

What happens when you mix soda with mentos???
This was the question that my co worker Aimee and I posed to the students. We did this with a mixed age group as Aimee is a teacher in the three year old room and I have the pre-k students. We invited all the children to use their inquiry skills to predict what could happen. Many thought that the mento candy would melt, others believed that it would turn brown. We decided to bring the kids outside to observe the results!
As soon as we put the candy into the soda...
explosion time!!!
They were amazed by the results!
We discussed how every action has a reaction! This was the concept that I really wanted the kids to understand. At such a young age, it is not all that important for children to understand the advanced concepts behind the chemical reaction. What is important though, is that they ask lots of questions and notice that a change has occurred throughout the experiment.
In this case, when the mento came into contact with the soda, a reaction caused the foam to shoot up!

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