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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mice and color mixing

Mice and a color mixing lesson!!!

We began our lesson by reading the story, Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh. It is such a cute story about 3 white mice who have some fun mixing different color paints together.

Our morning message for the day posed three questions. What colors could we make by mixing two primary colors together? (The colors I chose were the same ones from the story). I put two small pieces of  playdoh into the three bags. I then chose 3 different children during circle time to mix the playdoh in the bag to see what color it would become. The other children watched and cheered on their friends. We then completed our chart and filled in the blanks as a class. Afterwards, the other children were able to mix their playdoh and each child was able to bring a small piece in either orange, green or purple home to show their families the results from our color experiment.
 After our morning meeting, we decided to make some tracks of our own just like the mice. The children were invited to dip their feet in the paint and walk across the paper! It was very slippery so I made sure to give them my hand so that they wouldn't fall.

They were encouraged to step onto the colors and see what would happen! Such a fun sensory experience that opened up some great descriptive vocabulary.

The children then explored and experimented with the primary colors on their own. We used cotton balls to paint with and pretended they were the mice still having fun with the paints.

Through the children's explorations they discovered that primary colors can be mixed together to create secondary colors. 

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