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Friday, March 16, 2012


Rainbow Activities!

We made two different types of rainbow collages!
For the first one the children put various tissue paper squares over a piece of white paper and used an eyedropper to drip water onto their paper. They then peeled off the tissue paper and were left with a rainbow of colors. Make sure to use tissue paper that is not run proof! We made that mistake the first time! LoL!

The second collage was simply up to the children to decided how they wanted to glue the tissue paper onto their papers. Many of them created patterns out of the colors all on their own! : )

We made our own textured rainbow mural as a class!

Finally, we made rainbow bread!!! 

We simply added food coloring to milk and had the children paint it straight on their bread! We then toasted it, added a little bit of butter and enjoyed the bread for snack! Yummy! 

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