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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Print Rich Environments!

What is the importance of a print rich environment? 

That's easy! Children learn best through hands-on, meaningful play experiences within a well prepared environment! This is also important to remember in terms of developmentally appropriate practices where children are able to learn these literary concepts in a way which is both meaningful and fun to them instead of by rote or by being forced to sit and write a page full of ‘R’s. Learning should be spontaneous and fun when you’re in preschool! This sets children up with a love for school and for learning throughout their life! 

What does a print rich environment need?

* Lots of books! In every area of the classroom not just the library!
* Class and child made books about their experiences.
* Children's magazines. I also bring in travel magazines and brochures to add to my block area for inspiration and geography appreciation.
* Story tapes with the book to follow along.
* Items labeled throughout the classroom but not overdone where it is           overstimulating to the children.
* Felt boards for acting out familiar stories or creating their own.
* Puppets both big and small. I love finger puppets and make them myself for the classroom! I now sell them on etsy as well!
* A soft comfortable area of the classroom to relax with a good book. 
* Dictations written by the teacher pertaining to questions about their lessons in the children's own words. This shows children that their thoughts and words are valued and can be made into print. 
* Accessible games and activities with letters / words that the children can use and manipulate on their own. 
* Sensory bottles filled with letters, names and sight words for a more hands on bodily kinesthetic experience. 

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