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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Putt, putt math game

Putt, putt math game!
Materials: Golf putter and ball from the dollar store
Red plastic cups also from the dollar store
Recycled tissue box or any small box
Pen and paper
To prepare for this activity I added the numbers 1, 2 and 3 to the cups and taped them inside a tissue box to keep them from moving. I then set up a simple chart for the children to track their points.

I then invited the children to come play the game!
I had the children work cooperatively by taking turns to hit the ball into one of the three cups. Depending on which cup the ball rolled into, that was the number they had to record on the chart. Play continued until each child reached their goal of ten points.

 The children had lots of fun with this game and I absolutely loved watching them enjoy all the learning that was going on! They were using their hand eye coordination to aim and hit the ball into the cup, their gross motor skills to have to retrieve the ball each time, their writing skills to make the numbers and their names on the chart, their math skills to perform the basic addition concepts and their social skills to work together with their peers.
Lots of great learning concepts from the 2 dollars I spent at the dollar store! : )

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